Malawi inspires organisers of first Global Day of Repentance

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Participants in a recent national repentance day event in Lilongwe, Malawi.

As prayer leaders in various nations have recognised a connection between Malawi’s commitment to repentance and its low Covid-19 infection rate, they have asked prayer leaders in Malawi to allow them to join them in decreeing a day of global repentance for national and personal sins, say the organisers of the first Global Day of Repentance.

The event, comprising a 24-hour world-wide repentance programme, will be launched on May 1, starting at 12pm (Jerusalem time). Each of the 24 hours will represent a personal or national sin and participants will prayerfully decide which hour or hours to spend confessing and repenting of specific sins.

According to Dr Edward Mikwamba coordinator for National Repentance Week Malawi — an initiative that has been running for 10 years — the US-based organisers of the global repentance event say that 50 000 people around the globe have subscribed to join the programme and the number is exepected to rise substantially.

He said the vision is for 24 nations to each repent for one sin listed in the 24-hour rotation, with Malawi taking the first hour.

After the first Global Day of Repentance the organisers plan to hold regular repentance days targeting different nations.

More information about the Global Day of Repentance is available on the website: You can register on the site and download prayer resources.

The 24-hour repentance prayer headings are:

Hour One:   the national sin of killing of innocents
Hour Two: pride
Hour Three: lying tongue
Hour Four: shedding innocent blood
Hour Five:  devising wicked plans
Hour Six: running to evil
Hour Seven: false witness
Hour Eight: the national sin of idolatry
Hour Nine: sowing discord among brethren
Hour Ten: fear of man instead of fear of God
Hour Eleven: antisemitism
Hour Twelve: lust of the flesh
Hour Thirteen: pride of life
Hour Fourteen: unforgiveness
Hour Fifteen: rebellion
Hour Sixteen:  the national sin of approving sexual perversions
Hour Seventeen: failing to share the Gospel
Hour Eighteen: mammon
Hour Nineteen: anger
Hour Twenty: lukewarmness, apathy
Hour Twenty-one:
self promotion
Hour Twenty-two: failing to esteem others better
Hour Twenty-three: humanism, other religions
Hour Twenty-four: the national sin of failing to honor the House of David, God’s global authority