Youth Magnet Igwe uniquely preaches the gospel through poetry

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By Cecilia Naome Phiri – Senior Reporter

Igwe Edgar’s life took a mighty turnaround when he stepped into the Enlightened Christian Gathering church for the first time in May, 2016. He metiorically rose from hopelessness to ministering to thousands of youths through poetry.

The 29 year old Zimbabwean rhymester came to South Africa to seek greener pastures, when his dream of pursuing a career in Electric Engineering was crushed after he lost both his parents.

Little did Edgar, fondly called “Igwe” by his fans, know that the encounter with a Major Prophet, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, will usher him into a wave of outpouring of praises to the Lord, as well as evangelising to the lost: “I use poetry as a medium to reach lost souls in the world. My spiritual father, Major1, recognised the gift I have, and he encouraged me to use this gift to win more souls, as it will impact even to people, internationally”

When he lost his parents, he lost all hope in life, and his life spiraled out of control. He lost all sense of purpose, lacking direction and engaging with wrong crowds. A relative encouraged him to seek God at ECG and that’s when the poetic enthusiastic’s life took a drastic turnaround. “When I came here at ECG, and I saw Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major1, I had faith, and i knew that this is the man who carries my destiny and this is where my solution is. When Papa prayed for me and welcomed me with a warm heart, I felt the love of a parent which I hadn’t felt since my parents passed on, and I felt at home ”

The once shy youth magnet gained confidence as he began serving at ECG. He boldly stands in front of crowds, courageously, presenting his Holy-Spirit inspired pieces through poetry.

The youngster, working with international acts like Praise Peterson, is working on releasing an album of poetry. He was privileged enough to usher in the United States of America rapper, DA’ T.R.U.T.H who recently graced the ECG Youths at the Youth Conference.

The Prophetic Poet has, and still is, inspiring the youth and the old, as well.

“Don’t give up in life no matter what obstacles you face. Be prayerful. Let your body be the temple of the Holy Spirit. You must make a difference. Find a destiny helper who will mentor you and give you direction through your spiritual journey. Study, and acquire knowledge. The grace of my father made me to be who I have turned out to be, now, and you could, too,” concluded the prophetic rhymester as he’s reaching for the stars!

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