Thousands of Bushiri followers to flood Pretoria in his support

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Thousands, if not tens of thousands of Bushiri supporters are expected to submerge the Capital city on Thursday in support of their spiritual father. ECG News has learnt.

Reports say, scores of people are already at Pretoria Specialised Commercial Crimes Court, praying for Thursday when the leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is expected to appear at the same court to answer to charges of Money laundering, Fraud and Contravention of the Prevention of the Organised Crime Act (POCA).

Agatha Simbini, one of the people who are gathered at Pretoria spoke to ECG News:
“We were not asked to sleep here. We organised ourselves for our Father and our Mother. We will do it together. We will not allow this system to persecute Men of God. This must end,” she said

While their court case had been postponed to May 10 following a previous court appearance in February, the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa postponed again to August 29, 2019.

Bushiri’s spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo said he could not comment on tomorrow’s court case, “We would like to advise the public, most importantly, members of the media that Court appearance is a matter which is sub judice. We will not be offering interviews, comments, or devulging any information,” he said

Efforts to get more from him were fruitless.

Prophet Bushiri was charged alongside his wife, Prophetess Mary in February by the Hawks, who have been rumoured to be troubling with having enough ample evidence to nail the Bushiris.

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