Seer1 Exposed?

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Andrew Ejimadu commonly known as Seer1 came out on Zambia’s diamond TV declaring that he was giving all Patriotic Front politicians 20 days to bring back the powers he gave them to win elections. Seer 1 in typical Nana Kwaku Bonsam fashion threatened to expose all those who had taken spiritual power and charms from him.

Seer 1 admitted that he uses powers that African forefathers used, he also stated in an interview that it is the same power he gave to some Patriotic Front Ministers to win elections. Some of the implicated Ministers include the Zambian Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Justice and other top PF politicians.

Seer 1 stated that if they do not return his powers in 20 days they are going to die and he will release names of these politicians this Sunday.

Officials from the Zambian Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance have nicodemously reached out to DD Isaacs the spiritual son of Major 1 Shepherd Bushiri, they reached out seeking help and prayer for PF politicians. The officials secretly asked DD Isaac to pray and reverse whatever spiritual curse to be invoked by Seer 1.

Zambia is a spiritual and superstitious nation. Officials close to DD Isaac revealed that the prophet was on the phone until early hours of the morning as Zambian politicians from both PF and UPND scurried for spiritual cover. The source revealed that some politicians asked DD Isaac to intervene spiritually and ensure that PF wins the election.

DD Isaac had also been accused of praying for politicians from countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Some Christians have criticised DD Isaac saying his prayers were stifling democracy as the people no longer chose their leaders but they were now being chosen by Prophets who gave these leaders spiritual help to win elections.

Popular Zambian gospel musician Kings Mulembe also came out castigating Seer 1 over his utterances and conduct.

To view the full statement by Seer 1 please follow the link below