Popular Christian Evangelist Ravi Zacharias Seeks Prayers As He Undergoes Spinal Repair Surgery

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Christian Apologist and Evangelist Ravi Zacharias is asking for prayers as he Undergoes Spinal Repair Surgery.

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias, Chairman of the Board at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), will undergo spinal repair surgery on February 20, and is expected to be recovering from the surgery until April.

Zacharias has a history of serious back issues and to date has had two surgeries, the first of which resulted in 18 “good years” in which he said the Lord brought him comfort and strength.

“But over the last year, I have battled several flare-ups, and after my last trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka, it’s a miracle I got home on my own two feet,” Zacharias reported in an update on his ministry’s website.

“A subsequent CAT scan and MRI showed no option but to go into a surgery immediately,” he added. “It’s time for a serious repair job that will take me off the road for close to eight weeks.”

Writing on his twitter handle, the popular Christian Apologist wrote:

Dear Friends, Many of you know that I have struggled with serious back issues for years. Recently the pain has intensified and I have battled several flare-ups.

This Thursday I will undergo emergency spinal repair surgery and I ask for your prayers

Also, Franklin Graham, a Christian evangelist, missionary and son of the legendary Preacher Evangelist Billy Graham, shared the story on twitter, asking for prayers for Ravi as he undergoes emergency spinal repair surgery.

Graham wrote

Would you join me in prayer for our friend @RaviZacharias as he undergoes emergency spinal repair surgery tomorrow? I know he & his family would appreciate it.

Source: Belivers Portal