Planned Day Of Intercession On Table Mountain

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Written by: Lourieke Haller

Michelle and Arthur Coetzee of South Africa Intercessors Unite are organising an event that will see intercessors intercede for Mitchells Plain and South Africa for 168 hours of uninterrupted prayer.

This ministry stands in relationship with churches in all nine of the provinces as well as with other prayer ministries like Jericho Walls International.

The prayer project will be from 22 February to the 29th of February.

Intercessors participating in the 168 hour prayer project will start praying from 6pm on Saturday February 22 at the Mitchells Plain Community Room at the Eastridge Town Centre (1 Allegro Lane, KFC Building). Each intercessor will preregister for their hour of prayer.

There will also be seven evenings of prayer, worship and encounter meetings from February 22 to March 1 at 7pm to 9pm at the John Power Camp Site in Mitchell’s Plain. The focus will be on unity, healing of the nation and revival in South Africa and beyond.

The intercession on Table Mountain will be on the 29th of February from 6am to 6pm. Interested parties must book their bookings for the Table Mountain cable car must be made online:

Participants can gather at the foot of the mountain where the spot to gather will be indicated with helium balloons. On Table Mountain the intercessors will repenting on behalf of the nation for the bloodshed, sexual immorality, idolatry, witchcraft, etc.

Please contact Arthur at 083 727 9182 for more information

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Date published: 15/02/2020

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