Pastor Chris or Prophet Makandiwa who is correct on Corona Virus?

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The battle rages on as the world seeks to understand the origins of Corona Virus. Prophet Makandiwa said it comes from the sea, while Pastor Chris said it comes from 5G. Who is correct and who is wrong?

In our quest to dissect the matter lets start by asking ourselves this question: Who is the author of these viruses including covid19? God or Satan ?

The answer according to scripture is crystal clear, it is Satan, and satan uses people whether in China or America or Africa.

Now, Prophet E. Makandiwa said covid19 came from the Sea, where Satan has the Headquarters of his Marine Kingdom and several hardware machineries of these 5G technologies are housed under water in the seas because they require massive cooling systems. Most internet servers are under the seas. If you do research you will see some hubs might be the size of a small town but under water. I believe cables like our own LIQUID telecoms come through Indian ocean etc. (Do research on this please).

And Pastor Chris through the Spirit and his remarkable researches picked it up and showed us from the stand point of the people Satan used to introduce this virus on earth and the use of military grade 5G. Once 5G is called military grade then it means its not normal 5G. Its advanced 5G that may be highly modified for certain purposes and military use. We all know the military is there to defend its territory either by killing those they call enemies or by weakening them etc.

So in my own understanding Prophet E. Makandiwa pointed out the origin and source of this human problem that it is coming from the sea, and from the schemes of the marine kingdom of satan and Pastor Chris pointed out the people that satan used to unleash this covid19 and military grade 5G on the earth. Both men of God are correct. No need to fight in Christendom. We compliment. We are fighting one common enemy from different angles and at the end we will all celebrate in victory!

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