Nimix unveils secret behind hit single “Hand of God”

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Major 1 Records recording artist, producer, songwriter and composer Nimix has opened up to explain how he came up with the hit single ‘Hand of God’.

The song, which has gone viral across Africa, is Nimis’s latest treat and it features Onesimus.

Said Nimix:

“When 2019 crossover was getting closer, I decided to make a musical instrumental, and I thought of doing something different and adding another minister to be in the song, so I called up my brother Onesimus and told him what I was up to, so he came over to my house and he loved the beat.”

With the anointing of Major 1 working on them and, again, having received the lyrics of the song from the Major Prophet, the two came up with the glorious song “THE HAND OF GOD.”

“After recording Papa prayed and bless the song. This song has blessed so many lives, they have been lots of testimonies,” he said.

If you want to download, here is the link:

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