New dome to be built as numbers swell at ECG Pretoria

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By Mbalenhle Ngwane

Pretoria– Following a suggestion given by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his church in February 2019 to either extend the then available tents or to purchase another one, in a bid to accommodate more congregants that fellowship at ECG at Pretoria Show grounds, the Church has decided to put in another Dome.

A new, bigger and better dome has thus been under construction at the Showgrounds.

The foundation phase of construction was started last week and the construction area has been restricted from congregants.

Mr Clifford, the leader of the Gad Tribe said the new dome costed the church a fortune, “It costs around 15 million rands, which is why we are just going to rent it.”

Speaking to ECG News, the leader said the new dome will have flooring, unlike the other two where carpets are used to cover the ground.

One of the church cleaners who goes through the tedious process of washing the carpets after every service welcomed the development and thanked the Church management for also considering their plight:

“I’m excited about the new structure as cleaning it will be very easy, and I can only thank the Church leadership for considering us.”

Word on the street has it that, the overflow of the miracle tent is expected to be deconstructed. The current main dome will still remain the main dome while the new one will be the new overflow.

Currently the church accommodates congregants in the main tent, the Miracle tent and also two overflows on the open ground termed the miracle ground

More than 35 thousand people come to ECG every Sunday service and the introduction of a new and more secure Dome will help in safely accommodating more people in accordance with the health and safety regulations of South Africa.

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