Muslims Receive Jesus At A Radical Roadside Market Preaching In Uganda

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On the way to the orphanage, Torch of Christ Ministries stopped by a roadside market that has the best grilled chicken on a stick. Brother Philip had been wanting to preach there so we took a few minutes so Brother Philip could bare his soul.

Some Muslims challenged him a bit at first and made many gestures for him to leave, but a crowd grew and soon after, many had their hands up praying to follow Jesus. There’s one man and one woman I want you to pay attention to particularly. The woman wanted to raise her hand but was afraid. In Uganda, people are a bit shy. But when the man raised His hand first, she also did as well and many others followed suit.

A couple of people in the crowd were a bit mocking but there were more than a few genuine hearts in the crowd. According to Brother Philip “This is probably my favorite segment of preaching overall in Uganda”.

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