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We often hear things like “You were created for a purpose” or “There is a reason why you are here,” but how do we embrace this? How do these words from the heart of the Father become a reality in our lives? Maybe the world has a stronghold on you that is strangling every ounce of man-hood from you – every day. Maybe you feel excluded from your loved ones because of the relentless burdens you are expected to carry. Sometimes you may hear the whispering of the enemy thundering in your ears, that the world is better off without you? Maybe you have stopped dreaming? How do we rise as mighty men again?

We cannot stop dreaming because we have had nightmares
It’s time to bow before the King of kings. It’s time to place any feelings of worthlessness at the foot of the Cross. Take a break for the weekend of 20 – 22 September and allow Abba Father to breathe over us, mighty men. It’s time to start walking in uncompromising, undiluted, and yes, barbaric-like faith as we allow Abba Father to transform us from faithless to faithful warriors in Him. Chains break, demons flee, and lies evaporate when we pursue the truth of the Word of Abba Father, in the presence of the One who gives life. We walk fearlessly and faithfully in our calling as mighty men. 

God heals past failures
Let’s stop shrinking before the accusations of a broken world and start shining in the presence of our Groom. A time to rise in true prayer, mighty men, to that place where the pillars of hell will shake as true intercession glorifies our King. Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord of hosts (Zechariah 4:6). The time has come for any labels of past failures – which are strangling us – to be shattered by the two-edged sword from the mouth of our King!

Walk in favour, not fear
Why do we walk in fear when His promise over us is to walk in favour? For too long we have given legal ground to the enemy by having a mere consciousness of the will of the Father, buried deep beneath our own selfish will. It’s time to truely surrender, to walk in total dependence on our Creator. What if we start living the Hebrew definition of transformation, as taught in the Word of God? This is the place where I am renewed because the will of the Father becomes my very nature, as I am sanctified in the presence of the King of glory. That moment where the Word of Abba Father and His promises over us as mighty men, rise above crippling circumstances or deadly pride. 

Our lives must glofiry Him
We become overcomers when the enemy is deprived of legal ground in our lives, because the Will of Abba Father is woven into our very being. The desire towards the Will of the Father becomes everything we desire. A faith is developed that unleashes a boldness that enables us to remain standing before any man, a faith that keeps trusting Abba Father in any circumstance. The time has come to break the desire of “people-pleasing” – designed to tear us down and destroy us. We need to move into the season where we hunger for the heart and presence of the great “I AM” and pursue God’s definition of excellence – that place where our lives, in everything we do, glorifies Him.

We must rise!
We must rise to become mighty men with faith that ignores the accusing decrees and lies from the mouth of the enemy, as we stand firm and steadfast in faith. Prophets, priests, and kings who will rule our homes in the love of Abba Father, and display the character of our Groom, Jesus. Mighty men who bless their sons as these young warriors are ushered into manhood. He is waiting for us, mighty men. He never takes His eyes off us and will never leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). He wants to reveal His dream over us, something greater than we can possibly fathom. The question is: Do you believe it and will you stand on His dream and in His promises? We are more than conquerors in Him who loves us (Romans 8:37). 

Join the event
Mighty Men Western Cape is a gathering that is happening over the 20th – 22nd September 2019. This is our appointment with the King of glory. A weekend of fellowship, worship, and seeking the face of Abba Father. You can book your tickets online via Computicket. The theme for this year is Born Free! But what does it mean to be born free? Or should we rather ask – free to do what? Abba Father is calling His mighty men of valour to live a life of freedom – His way! Will you answer the call? Are we prepared to change at the sound of His voice? Mighty Men Western Cape. See you there!

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Date published: 19/08/2019
Written by: Prof Gerrie Bester, PhD CA(SA) leads Roaring Truth Ministries. Email info@roaringtruth.co.za. He is also the Dean of Emet Academy of Learning. Visit Emetgroup.co.za
Article source: JOY! Magazine