Major 1 delivered me from 12 years of prostitution and drugs

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By Chriselda Mashaba

Armed with ambition and determination to Persue her talent in Singing, 34 year old Kesegofetse Seboko from Botswana fell very far from grace by becoming a prostitute and junkie for 12 years in South Africa, Johannesburg.

The now 7 months clean woman went to testify at the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church during Testimonies time on Sunday, The Sunday of Prophetic Judgement to a sympathetic assembly.

Seboko claims that times were so hard in a foreign country that when her friends suggested prostitution at 23, she saw it as a way to find her feet in the concrete jungle that is Johannesburg, Yeoville.

“My friends and I painted the town red, puffing away the little dignity left in us through Christal meth and CAT. They made the prostitution bearable,” she explained to ECG News while at the testimony line.

After her mom introduced her to ECG, she developed a strong desire for salvation and became an ordained ECG Steward, joining the church choir.

After backsliding twice, she received her total deliverence through the teachings of Major1 in March 2019 and the clutches of prostitution and drugs lost their firm grip on her completely.

Perspectively speaking, she said “If it weren’t for the God of Major 1 who saw it fit to shower me with his mercy, I could never have stopped both. I was in way too deep.”

Drugs are synonymous with prostitution and have become a scourge in society. Drug rehabilitation is expensive, exponantiating the problem especially because those involved dare not speak up in fear of their suppliers who are often hardened criminals.

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