Interview: Prophet Willy Munyeta of the Fountain Comfort Church, “Peace, Love and Unity must be preached.”

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Devoted News (DN): Please furnish us with a brief background about yourself, with  particular focus on when you accepted Christ into your life and decided to become a preacher.

Prophet Willy Munyeta (WM): My name is Willy Munyeta popularly known as Prophet Willy Munyeta leader of Fountain Comfort Church. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour in my life and got baptised by immersion in 2007 at a Crusade Conducted by American Evangelist.

In 2008, I dreamt Prophet TB Joshua handling a microphone to me and telling me, “Go and do what God has commissioned you to do for it is time”. Since that day I decided to become a preacher for people used to invite me for prayer meetings which was accompanied by miracles, signs and wonders. Between 2008 to 2013, I had attended two different churches , Seventh Day Adventist Church and African Methodist Episcopal Church in which I become an Associate Pastor.

In 2013, by the grace of God, I founded All For Christ Ministries International Church which now called Fountain Comfort Church. Since then, I have been standing by God’s grace and His word by ministering to his people. The Lord has used me in a number of times to conduct Crusades, Pastors Conferences and Healing Services in some countries in Africa and some parts of Asia. I have seen the evidence of God working in my life in miracles, signs and wonders and in prophecy until this day.

DN: We have witnessed a number of politicians campaigning at churches during the election season. In your own view, what is the relationship between the church and politics, if any?

WM: The relationship between Church and politics or rather the government can be seen back in the Old Testament. Often times we see that the prophets were used as the finger of God standing before and challenging the political leaders.

Whenever the political leaders departed from the desired will of God for the people of Israel, the political leaders of the day were rebuked and corrected by the Prophets such as Nathan, Elijah, Elisha, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah and many more. In the New Testament, we can see that our Lord , Jesus Christ always had confrontations with some of the authorities.

DN: We have noted that you have campaigned vigorously against political violence and tribalism, please give a brief on the progress of your campaigns, challenges and successes to date.

WM: In Africa, most nations have experienced racial and tribe-based violence, deaths and in most cases war due to racial, tribal, and religious differences. When we look at The Biafra War in Nigeria was from 1967 to 1970. This was the Igbo fighting the rest of Nigeria. Somalia was divided in parts in the early 1990s even as we speak today the country has not yet recovered from it. The tribal conflict between Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda which led to the 1994 genocide in which 800,000 people were killed. The list is endless.

These two evils namely tribalism and political violence have the potential to ignite war, destroy the peace of the nations and the development of the nation. We always encourage political players to be conscious in the way they address their cadres and members. We also encourage traditional leaders to always preach peace, unity and love at all cost. We may be different in our political affiliation, race and tribe but we need to understand that we co-exist for as we live as one nation regardless of tribal demarcations.

The challenges in fighting against political violence and tribalism comes in when the leaders of political parties are not willing to openly condemn, rebuke and take responsibility in cases where the violence erupts. Peace, love and unity must be preached at all cost to curb these two evils political violence and tribalism by the church leaders, traditional leaders and political leaders.

DN: Do you practice any philanthropic work? If so, please furnish us with its goals and achievements.

WM: I do philanthropic activities under Willy Munyeta Foundation founded in 2016. Willy Munyeta Foundation is a humanitarian organisation that supports needy and vulnerable people in the society.

WMF mission is to educate people of all age about Gender Based Violence (GBV), Early Marriage, HIV/AID’s ,Child Abuse, Reproductive Health, Water & Sanitation, Climate Change and Human Rights. WMF also empowers women and youths of all race with various skills and provides shelter to the homeless.

WMF purpose is to educate and empower people. Our Vision Statement is to picture a society where all individuals contain an earning of interest in the opportunities, skills, possessions and interaction they require to actualize their prospective.

DN: Which Man of God inspired you, or continues to inspire you?

WM: The man of God who inspires me the most is Senior Prophet TB Joshua. I always watch Emmanuel TV for the building of my faith and personal spiritual nourishment, Indeed Senior Prophet TB Joshua is a true Prophet in our generation who is anointed and called to deliver his people through prophecy, word of wisdom, miracles, signs and wonders. I celebrate the life the senior Prophet TB Joshua, I call him my mentor and spiritual father.

DN: Does the church conduct any business to generate funds to finance the ministry?

WM: Our Church, Fountain Comfort Church does conduct some businesses such as selling of ministerial products, offerings and also depends on some ministry financial partners to generate fund to finance the ministry. Every organization can not run smoothly without finances.

DN: Where are the church services held, and how big is your current congregation and reach?

WM: Fountain Comfort Church services are conducted in three different towns in Zambia, (Kitwe, Siavonga and Chingola) though the church has the presence in the Southern African countries such as Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan and Mauritius. Our congregation is still growing for we are still in the hundreds per congregation.

Thank you Man of God for the enlightening interview, our readers can watch the Video below about the Australia Bushfire Prophecy.