I Was A Buddhist, Living In Darkness For Over 30 Years, But Jesus Christ Saved Me

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I was a Buddhist who was living in darkness for over 30 years. I had dream at 18 and more dreams and vision at 24 until now. I am now at 39. In Dec 2014, my life hits rock bottom and I planned to end my life. I cried out to all the God or Goddess by calling Buddha, Kwan Yin, Allah and Jesus. I asked if there’s a true God please reveal to me if not I will end my life.

In January 2015, I dreamt of a man in white robe taking my hand to walk with him. There were few men walking behind us in light brown robe. I remembered the ancient city he took me to walk with him. I woke up feeling so good but I didn’t understand my dream. In the same month, I had a nightmare where a black transparent shadow in a well built man form appeared in my dream in my bedroom stood behind me and touched my chest.

I was so scared and I tried so hard to wake up. When I managed to wake up I couldnt move my body. I opened my mouth to shout for help but there’s no voice coming out. When I managed to wake up and ran to get help from my mom and sis, they said they didn’t hear I shouted. Then the black shadow stood at my living room looking at me. I shouted ghost ghost ghost. Then my mom opened her bedroom door suddenly the black shadow disappeared.

I was traumatized as a Buddhist that time I thought it was a ghost. Three months later in mid April I called out to God again and asked how long I have to wait to know my life purpose. I suddenly thought of a college friend whom I lost contact with 16 years ago. I found her in Facebook.

Then we chatted. She invited me to church. After attending 2 Sunday services I came home to look for a movie about Jesus Christ. It was the same scene I saw in my dream. Then I saw the man in white robe. I didn’t believe it until Jesus carried the cross and I saw the ancient city the man in white robe took me to walk with him in my dream.

It took me 3 months to know and understand Jesus was the man in white robe appeared in my dream.

I’ve been through few spiritual attacks to witness the power of Jesus Christ’s name. In November 2015, 6 days before my baptism and testimony sharing, I was attacked by evil. I used to dream of a lot of snakes used to be my friend in all my dreams when I was Buddhist. But I was attacked by snake face to face in my dream 6 days before my baptism. I called out the name of Jesus Christ and woke up. I was speechless but happy as I know darkness wanted to stop me from telling the truth. After my baptism, one big changes I experienced was the evil did not step into my bedroom or come near me to scare me. I had more dreams and visions.

In August 2016, God failed my plan A and planted a desire in my heart to go to Myanmar mission trip for the 1st time. I saw a park n a temple I used to dream 1 year ago but I only saw that place on the 5th day of my mission trip in Myanmar. Our God is the true and living God. Praise the Lord! In Feb 2017, I will be joining pastor Bill Wilson to Manila slum areas. I hope to be able to study theology and live my life according to God’s plan.

Source: Belivers Portal