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FYM Foundation helps communities and non-profit organizations across America; Aid to Humanity community outreach in Rockford, IL helps struggling residents.


HOST: This week on INC News World, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation holds an Aid to Humanity U.S. Tour, see all the locations, and the vast impact of the event. Your INC News World starts now.


HOST: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Richie Ferrera coming to you from the INC Media Studios in Los Angeles, California. Today we take a look back on just how 


HOST CONTINUED: the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation—the Church Of Christ’s charitable arm—provided much needed aid to various residents and close to one hundred local organizations were given donations. 


HOST: Let’s take a look at Aid to Humanity’s 2019 U.S. Tour. 


HOST: 9 cities, in 6 states—the 2019 U.S. Tour of Aid To Humanity events was successful in impacting communities across the country. It’s first stop: Brownsville, New York. 

ALICKA AMPRY-SAMUEL (COUNCIL MEMBER – 41ST BROOKLYN DISTRICT): On July 27th, right here – right here – this community of Brownsville went through something very traumatic

SPECTRUM 11 NEWS: We had 12 people shot unfortunately, one person was killed last night—6 people have been released from the hospital so far.  

HOST: In a single weekend, across the United States, gun violence took center stage. The communities at the heart of the tragedies, like Alicka’s, were left hurting and in need. 

ALICKA AMPRY-SAMUEL (COUNCIL MEMBER – 41ST BROOKLYN DISTRICT): We were in need before and with this tragedy—it increased our need.

HOST: Recognizing that needthe Felix Y. Manalo Foundation included the  Brownsville community to it’s 2019 U.S. Tour of Aid To Humanity eventsprovided thousands of goodwill bags and donations to 10 local organizations.

RONALD ROBERTSON (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – BROWNSVILLE THINK TANK MATTERS): I’m feeling very moved, emotional because this is the exact spot, the catalyst that set all this into motion. While a young brother Jason, was killed right here at this same spot—so I’m proud that we all came out in solidarity. 

HOST: Many of the recipients were speechless, but so many of them knew that these abundant graces came from one source.

MARK TANIS (PITKIN AVENUE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT – BROWNSVILLE): I would just like to say thank you; I am so overwhelmed right now and so flabbergasteda loss for wordsbut you know what? It’s a gift from God, from up above.

JENNIFER VIECHWEG-HORSFORD (19TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT’S COMMUNITY LIAISON): This event is gonna have lots of effect on the community and it’s a model of hope and friendship. 

HOST: Hope and friendship is what was left at the next stop in Temple Hills, Maryland.

MAYOR SHAWN M. MALDON (CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MARYLAND): There needs to be that relationship between you know the government and nonprofit organizations. How often do they happen? They don’t happen enough. What you guys are doing is you’re really speaking to people’s quality of life. 

HOST: A quality of life that Mayor Shawn Maldon knows can be difficult to come by for residents– like what Nichelle sees in her community.

NICHELLE HENDERSON (GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL OF THE NATION’S CAPITAL – TROOP LEADER): There are pockets of poverty. Especially  with books and food and things like that, families don’t have a lot at the end of the pay cycle.

ABC 7 NEWS – WJLA WASHINGTON: One step closer to being prepared for the school year, thanks to the kindness of others. The Church Of Christ in Marlow Heights gave out  1,000 bags of school supplies and conducted health screenings for students and those in the community in need.

JERMAIN JOHNSON (REALITY CHECK MENTORING, INC): This donation is going to really just help us grow and continue to meet those needs of the youth in our community. I’m just still in disbelief and just I’m really thankful—thankful for FYM you know for continuing to do this type of work—we need more of it.    

HOST: Continuing with its charitable work, the FYM Foundation’s next stop was the Pacific Northwest—Seattle, Washington

MICHAEL CROWE (KING 5 NEWS REPORTER): Just a couple of blocks from this park is Iglesia Ni Cristo. The Church that last fall was hit by molotov cocktails—while members were worshiping inside. Today those same members are out here at this park making sure that the community knows they want to give back. So with a message about their faith and bags of school supplies—they hope to create more connections. 

HOST: Creating connections with the Seattle residents are volunteers of the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation—who gave out goodwill bags, school supplies and donations to 8 local organizations.

SHANA BECKWITH  (DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM INSTRUCTION – STEM PASS INNOVATION NETWORK): They are giving away bags of necessities for everyone, our organization received a check which is like amazing. I don’t know if people even realize like what we can do with $5,000. For some of our programmingI can run pretty much a program at a school for the entire school year. 

MARCELLA LYONS (SITE COORDINATOR – TINY TOTS DEVELOPMENT CENTER): The overall experience with the Church I see has open arms for all—and it’s true love and true compassion. And some people can say it, but I do see that the hand of God is on this and this is something that will never stopI think it’s going to go beyond. 

HOST: Going beyond the Pacific Northwest—down south to Memphis, Tennessee

FOX 13: The non profit, Aid to Humanity visited Memphis today as part of its U.S. Tour. The organization supports local agency workers who are out there trying to make our city better. 

OFFICER DAVIN CLEMONS (MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE POLICE DEPARTMENT): You may not know this, but this zip code, 38126, is the poorest zip code in the state of Tennessee. 

HOST: But on this day at 878 Mississippi Boulevard—the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation asked just one thing of residents like Davin and this neighborhood. 

[ON SCREEN PHOTO: FYM Volunteers holding signs on the street which say “Come Join Us!”] 

OFFICER DAVIN CLEMONS (MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE POLICE DEPARTMENT): I have been blown away – this is unbelievable, you guys are a blessing to the community.  To witness you guys give away $25,000 and the amount of food that you’re giving awayI’m speechless right now. 

HOST: Giving donations to 5 local organizations and also, two thousand care packages of food and household necessities were distributed to guests. Health screenings were made availableall  to make life in Memphis just a little bit easier. 

MARY HENDERSON (RESIDENT – MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE): I’m hoping that it’ll have a positive impact on the neighbors that live hereeven if they don’t have anything or if they do have somethingthey know that somebody is still trying to help.

HOST: Continuing to help residents—this time in the city of Oakland, California

DREW SOKOL (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – ASPIRE EDUCATION PROJECT): It’s efforts like this and being passionately generous as a community and finding different ways to have a positive impact on people who need it. I mean that’s what Chirstian community is supposed to be about. 

HOST: Providing a much needed gift to a community that is faced with difficult times—the 5th stop of the FYM Foundation’s Aid To Humanity Tour—provided backpacks for kids, goodwill bags including hygiene items and canned goods to over a thousand recipients with donations to 8 local organizations.

MAYOR LIBBY SCHAAF (OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA): The love and the generosity that you have performed today, in this beautiful park in deep East Oakland, on this beautiful sunny day—the memory of that will live in this community and for that reason people will feel loved and taken care of and that is a great gift. 

LAOREN TAYLOR (CITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE FOR OAKLAND): Not just because of the backpacks that were being given away, not just the humanitarian, the give away bags, and not just because of  the checks that were given, but the momentum, the energy, the love. 

HOST: Continuing on the momentum of caring for residents, the FYM Foundation’s next stop took us to the home of the Apache Tribe in San Carlos, Arizona.

MAYOR AL GAMEROS (GLOBE, ARIZONA): There’s a lot of kids out there a lot of families that are struggling and I think this really helps out.

HOST: The Aid To Humanity event offered school supplies to over 1000 children  and provided care packages with food and basic necessities for parentshelping entire families along with assisting 7 local organizations.

AMY MALLARE ( TEACHER – SAN CARLOS, ARIZONA): We know how kids really need this basic necessity like food on the table. Most of the families are only relying on the help from the government. 

HOST: For these residents, it was more than care packages and necessities. 

SHERRY NOLINE (GUEST): Thank you guys for helping us to get stuff, you know, that we can’t get on our own at home sometimes. 

DALE WALTERS (CHIEF OF POLICE – GLOBE POLICE DEPARTMENT):  This is just a great example of what the community coming together—what they can accomplish.

HOST: The same heartfelt appreciation was also expressed by the children. 

AMY MALLARE (TEACHER – SAN CARLOS, ARIZONA): Right after the kids received the goodie bags and the food that the Church has prepared for them—the kids actually wrote voluntarily letters, thank you letters for the Church Administration.

GABRIEL REED: Dear Brother Eduardo, I appreciate the school supplies and food that was provided to me today. Your Church and it’s members are very generous and I sincerely appreciate them. Thank you very much for your generosity. We just wanted to say God bless you guys. You are some wonderful people and love you all. Take care, from Gabriel Reed. 

AMY MALLARE ( TEACHER – SAN CARLOS, ARIZONA): And one of it is from Danika Kinney, she is a 2nd grade student and it says here, “Thank you guys so much. I am so happy because you gave me so much stuff. I like when your people help our community for San Carlos. I like when you give awesome stuff—food and love and Jesus blessings for all of us. Thank you everyone. 

HOST: Heartfelt appreciation resonated with residents in San Diego, California—on the 7th stop of the Aid To Humanity U.S. Tour—where residents faced struggles of finding basic necessities.

CBS NEWS 8 (SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA): A non-profit reaches out to San Diego communities along the border to help get students and their families ready for the new school year. Today the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation gave out hundreds of free care packages in the South Bay. The bags were filled with school supplies and non perishable food. The group also provided free health screenings and glasses to children who otherwise may not be able to afford them. 

OFFICER JUAN SANCHEZ (SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT): In this area, it’s a lower socio economic area—down further by the border.

HOST: Officer Sanchez knows all too well the struggles residents face in San Diego. Just 20 minutes from the Mexican border is the 4th largest homeless population in the U.S.

OFFICER JUAN SANCHEZ (SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT): There’s some families that don’t have any food. There’s many students and young kids who are homeless.

HOST:  Providing more than a thousand good will bags, school supplies, eye glasses, free health screenings and aiding 7 local organizations. 

MARIA RODRIGUEZ (PRINCIPAL – SAN YSIDRO MIDDLE SCHOOL): It feels amazing, it feels as if it was just something that just opened up and just was given to me because we were struggling to see what we were going to do.

CAPTAIN MANNY DEL TORO (SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT): Let me thank also Brother  Eduardo Manalo, who would be extremely proud of he were here watching this event, correct? Yeah, I mean, you guys are, it’s his vision that you guys are carrying out.

BROTHER GLICERIO B. SANTOS, JR. (GENERAL AUDITOR, IGLESIA NI CRISTO): The Aid To Humanity tour in the U.S. is through the decision of our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. It started from Canada where Aid To Humanity was held in different places. And this will continue in other countries—in line with the decision of Brother Eduardo Manalo. As a matter of fact, this coming month, we will conduct our Aid To Humanity in Africa and India.

HOST: A vision helping those in need, now headed to Los Angeles, California—where there has been a 12% increase of unsheltered individuals since 2018—currently 58,936 persons are homeless in L.A..

ERIC HUTCHINS (FORMERLY HOMELESS – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA): I spent a little time being unsheltered. I was one of our homeless neighbors and after I came out of it, I decided to do something to help other people who are in that situation. 

HOST: And so did the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, with it’s Aid To Humanity event series—19 local organizations were recognized for their efforts on the ground in L.A. For the hundreds of L.A. families in attendance, the FYM Foundation made sure they didn’t go home empty handed—care packages of food and household items were distributed.

ERIC HUTCHINS (REPRESENTATIVE – RESTORATION COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION): I was moved by the spirit of service, of unity—that was exhibited by all of these people all over the world, working. Many people in various religious organizations do not have that level of organization, of commitment—of focus and of purpose and so I was inspired by that.  

HOST: Commiting to helping communities across the country takes us to Chicago Metropolitan Area of Rockford, Illinois.

23 NEWS: Tour is sponsored by the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, through the Church Of Christ

EYEWITNESS NEWS: A national aid organization makes a stop in Rockford to help those in need. The Aid To Humanity, put on by the Felix Y. Manlo Foundation, took over the Church Of Christ parking lot on the city’s west side. 

SARAH RUFFCORN (RESIDENT – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): I live day by day. Survival mode.

HOST: As a single mom who recently lost her job, Sarah is grateful for the efforts of the FYM Foundation. 

SARAH RUFFCORN (RESIDENT – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): It makes me feel very grateful because you had food here, he has stuff he could play with, you had some clothes. I don’t have to worry about getting school supplies now.

HOST: Knowing the struggles of making ends meet—the Church Of Christ was able to help those in need like Carly—one of 10 donation recipients.

CARLY RICE (MISS CARLY’S – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): Saturday the supplies got lower, this morning we packed up the last of our lunch supplies and the gratitude I have for this money right here today, I don’t have enough words.

SHARRY CRENSHAW (RESIDENT – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): This side of town has been neglected for so long. This is just—I’m speechless. I think it’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

KIMBERLY MARTIN (RESIDENT – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): I’m just thanking God for you guys, what you guys do and I hope you guys keep it up and I hope you do it next year. 

SARAH RUFFCORN (RESIDENT – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): I would say thank you because I don’t think you know that, how much it  does help because a lot of people think Rockford is a very bad city, there’s so much crime  and for them to pick us? I think it does help because a lot of these families they don’t have nothing.

CARLY RICE (MISS CARLY’S – ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS): I’m really amazed by this Church and I’m grateful. I’m really grateful. I want to thank Brother Eduardo V. Manalo and this whole Church Of Christ. And I am so grateful for their presence in this city of ours because we need it.

VARIOUS RESIDENTS: Thank you FYM Foundation! This has just been wonderful, I can’t thank you enough. 


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