Famous Skhothane, Don Dada visits ECG

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By Shaina Meree and Mbali Ngwane

Tshepo Pitso aka Dan dada who sprung to fame a few years ago as a Skhothane while at a reality show called Material Culture which looks at the lives of aboskhothane, visited ECG headquarters Pretoria for the International Visitors Program(IVP) during the Mass Deliverence Weekend.

The multi-talented reality TV star who has a clothing label started attending ECG in 2017 at the Angel Gabriel cross- over event and has never looked back.

He claims that he goes to church during special events like The Men’s Annual Conference called Iron Man or a major service such as yesterday’s.

The young star, whose teeth are studded with gold says he did not aspire to be in the entertainment Industry, however, his unique style of dressing attracted attention of the likes of “MTV Base” and “That Castle Light Show.”

Dada, whose Skhothane lifestyle embraces mostly expensive and colourful clothes, continues to explain that being a skhotane is not about burning clothing and expensive alcohol. He says It’s more like being a pantsula or a hip-hopper.

“In street culture your roots are your looks, it’s all about the individuals we are and trying to put that culture on the map,” said Don dada who, yesterday, was dressed down, spotting a church branded Iron Man t-shirt.

Besides being a Skhothane, he is a Graphic Designer and explained to ECG News that his busy schedule made him want to visit ECG as an IVP as a way of detoxification of the outside world and spending time in the presence of God through prayer and worship three days straight.

“I am happy that I am able to show the church that being a skhothane is not wrong or wasteful but a culture made famous by the youth of today”.

Skhothane is a derivative of the Zulu word osikhotheni which means someone who stays in the bush.

This colourful lifestyle is about groups of the same culture competing against each other to determine who is wealthier than the other; usually the winning team burns their expensive clothes, phones or even money to show their indefference to money or material possessions as they can afford to replace with even more expensive stuff.

Don Dada though begs to differ explaining that real Skhothanes who are not for sale don’t do such. They just love a certain style which happens to be very expensive.

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