Egyptian Holocaust Denier Accuses Israel Of Fabricating Genocide For Profit

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This Egyptian journalist peddles lies about the Holocaust in a shameful attempt to slander the Jewish state.

Al-Azab Al-Tayyeb recently unloaded a litany of outrageous falsehoods on Egyptian TV, claiming that “lobbying groups” of the “Zionist entity” control the media, financial institutions, the U.S. Congress, the American President, and the U.S. State Department.

Al-Tayyeb promoted the lie that Israel uses this power to push invented history about the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, which he called a “heavily exaggerated” number. According to this Egyptian hatemonger, no more than “a few hundred thousand Jews” were murdered. He also maintained that the Nazis’ gas chambers were “too small to burn millions of Jews.”

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Date published: 18/08/2019
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