ECG Namibia hosts a successful ‘Diehards got talent’ show.

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The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri holds Youths services, activities and programs periodically at their Main Branch in Pretoria Showgrounds. Earlier this month on the 10th, Windhoek Branch in Namibia held a successful Youth event dubbed “Diehards got talent”.

Part of the crowd that graced the youth talent show
Part of the crowd that graced the youth talent show

The event was attended by youths from over 9 branches in the nation of Namibia, making it to a capacity of over 500 attendees. Pastors like pastor Ken from Mariental Branch and Evangelist Sam from Keetmanshoop Branch, accompanied the Youths to Windhoek Branch for this exciting and life changing talent show. The event was graced by a special guest artist, Gospel hip-hop Minister Fondly well known as Dee ’A and his wife Sarah.

Speaking to this publication, Windhoek Youth director brother Hope said, “The aim of the event was to give a platform to the youths to minister to one another through their talents, interact with each other and promote team building amongst the youths from all over Namibia so that they can carry the vision of our Spiritual father in unison , helping the ministry to grow with love.”

He further explained that the event started just after lunch hour and the atmosphere was electrifying with different performances such as singing, rap, dancing, spoken word, as well as drama/plays. The event was so exciting that even pastors joined in activities like talk show, where they shared their insight and wisdom through their observations on the challenges and potential that the youths has. Pastor Andrew who is the resident pastor for Windhoek branch, stepped into the shoes of his spiritual father Major1 by sharing the word of God, demonstrating power and praying for the youths.

“All the visiting branches were so inspired by the way their fellow youths organized and gave chance for everyone to take part in the ministry. To those who thought being a young born again Christian was boring, they were proven wrong seeing their fellow youths having so much fun in Christ.” Hope added.

This Saturday, 17th, ECG Youth Magnet will be having a festival at the Main Branch in Pretoria Showgrounds (RSA) . The youths from all over the world are expected to gather and participate in this event as it promises various exciting games. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary will be joining all the youths for this historical event.

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