ECG Honors James Nee and his two Counterparts

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By Cecilia Naome Phiri

On Sunday, the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church honored the late James Nee and his two counterparts, Brian Grant and Beston Khamba who passed away in a fatal car crash on the 2nd of October, 2018 with several messages of condolences pouring in from different parts of the world.

It was clear, from the way the congregants reacted when Prophet Bushiri declared this week, a week to honor the sensational gospel singer that he touched so many lives, one way or another.

ECG International deputy director, Apostle Nkomo welcomed and spoke words of comfort to James Nee’s family who were invited by Prophet Bushiri to attended the Sunday service . In his remarks, the Apostle said James’ memories will never be forgotten.

“The memories of a righteous man can never die. James was very special to this church. You can see the thousands who are here to worship God-much of it was because of his leadership. There are found leaders in life, but there are leaders who are top of the range. James Nee was top of the range. May you know that this church will forever stand with you,” he said.

The late worshipper, better known as Mr Grace Over Money, the Priest of Worship , also an ordained Pastor was a force to be reckoned with. This was highlighted by his uncle who mentioned how James Nee, the last born in his family became a pillar that the family looked up to for assistance and support.

Not only did James Nee touch lives of ordinary people, he was very special to his spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri who took him under their wing when he became an orphan. He became the ultimate worshipper in ECG and he would travel with them on their quest to win souls to Christ across the globe.

Pastor Melody Dzingai, one of the pastors who came a long way back with James expressed her sadness even a year later after his departure. She described the late gospel maestro as a true definition of worshio in a Facebook post she posted earlier last week: “With heavy hearts we were forced to say goodbye to someone that had become the true definition of worship! This man lived to serve and whilst serving he departed from us. Life long lessons were left behind. With each song, he reminded us that El Shaddai is God’s name; that God knows how to make “us” smilethat we love being in ECG, that when He calls our name we will be ready to go home; that He is a mysterious God! Today, we count each day a blessing because we know how short life can be. Today- we are grateful! Grateful to have met a man so selfless- a man so dedicated to the work of the kingdom. A man that became a brother to thousands! A husband to one and a father to a beautiful young girl!It’s been a year, and not an inch easier- but we remember you still. Your ministry has outlived even your existence. Continue resting in peace Jay- your memory lives on!” She wrote in low spirits.

James Nee was Malawian Gospel singer, song writer, producer and businessman. A Spiritual son to the revered cleric, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. He died on the 2nd of October 2018.

He is survived by his wife, Sibonelo Khoza and a one child.

He died at 26.

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