Coronavirus And Downtime: What To Do With Your Children?

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With schools closed and the corona virus in circulation, many parents are sitting with their hands in their hair as to what to do with bored children at home.

Just like the churches that are discovering new avenues to stay in touch with their members online, these unusual circumstances also create opportunities for Christian parents to discover new resources online that can keep their children occupied in a wholesome way and at the same time build their Bible knowledge and their character.

Yolanda Magida, the manager of Superbook (CBN Africa) has good news for Christian parents in South Africa. “Superbook has a lot of wonderful family oriented and child friendly content that parents could use in a time such as this. We have the Superbook Kids site , Superbook app as well the YouTube channel that parents could use to keep their children busy in a wholesome, but fun way.

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“We also have Superbook Songs on Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. Superbook radio is also in app format. We really have a comprehensive edutainment package,” she says.

 Some of the activities that Superbook can offer you and your children:

  • Explore the characters of the bible with Joy, Chris and Gizmo through the app and website.
  • Go through the discussion guides with children after every Superbook video.
  • Encourage children to play video games that help reinforce biblical messages and lessons.

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Magida explains that the heart of Superbook is to see parents become intentional about their children’s spiritual formation. “We are passionate about offering Moms and dads content that forms a solid base for their children’s spiritual development.”

She emphasises that the content of the app and website must not be viewed as something that just entertains children and keeps them busy. “Rather view it as a time to explore the Bible together with your children. Make it a time to rekindle the wonder, joy and pleasure of knowing God together as a family,” she encourages parents.

We would like to encourage parents to utilise the various Superbook resources and make them part their daily activity schedule during the corona virus downtime.

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Date published: 27/03/2020
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