As Christians, Should We Be Engaged In Politics At All?

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Before we address the issue of how we should vote, we should ask whether Christians should engage in the political process at all. Some believe that politics is an inherently evil business. Others assert that the early Church was uninvolved in politics and solely preached the Gospel. After all, they say it is the Gospel, and not politics, that will save and change lives. Yet if we look at Scripture, church history, and the contemporary world, we see compelling reasons why we should engage in politics (and every other area of life).

Christ is involved in politics
The early Church may not have voted, but Scripture does not therefore prohibit political involvement. On the contrary, Colossians 1 teaches that all things were created by and for Christ. Romans 13 reveals that “the governing authorities . . . that exist are appointed by God”, and the civil ruler “is God’s minister to you for good.” Mick Snieder thus declares: If we accept the statement that Christ is indeed Lord over all, then as Christians we must take seriously the opportunity to participate in the sphere of politics. 

Christians bring change
The abuse of political office does not erase its God-given, Biblical purpose. Since the early church, Christians have brought meaningful change to millions through political involvement. Theologian Wayne Grudem says that Christian influence of political authorities “led to outlawing infanticide, child abandonment, (and) the gladiatorial contests” in the Roman Empire. Such actions created a compelling platform to hear and preach the Gospel. 1 Timothy directs us to pray for rulers, because civil government impacts our lives, which in turn impacts the Gospel. 

Consider the two Koreas
South Korea is the second largest missionary-sending nation and Christianity is flourishing. The North is severely restricted from preaching the Gospel and does not send missionaries abroad. What is the difference? Politics. Engaging in every aspect of the political process can therefore be a valid, God-glorifying, and Gospel-allowing ministry.

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Date published: 22/04/2019
Written by: Tendai Chitsike
Article source: JOY! Magazine