Are We Cursed Because Of Our Government’s Decision On Israel?

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Precise Borders
What are the precise borders of the land promised to Abram’s descendants? The Lord makes them perfectly clear. Like any modern-day land purchase, the deed indicates the boundaries of the land given from the Nile river (which is mainly modern Egypt and Sudan) to the Euphrates (modern-day Iraq). We know that these people (the ‘ites’) mentioned in scripture lived in what is today Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, part of Asian Turkey, and of course all of Israel, including Gaza and the West Bank. The boundaries of the land promised to Abram’s descendants is clearly indicated in the Bible, yet we know that Israel has never had control of the full extent of this land.

Maps & Evidence
This map and border information is taken from

This map features the biblical boundaries of the Land of Israel as described in Genesis 15:18 and Genesis 17:8. There are two different phrases often used to describe the biblical boundaries of the Land of Israel:
• From Dan (1) to Be’er Sheva (2)
• From the Nile (3) to the Euphrates (4)

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1. Dan is described in the Bible as the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel.
2. Be’er Sheva is described in the Bible as the southernmost city settled by the Israelites. Avraham (Abraham), Yitzchak (Isaac), and Yaakov (Jacob) all spent time in Be’er Sheva (modern day Beersheba).
3. The Nile River is Egypt’s primary source of water. At the beginning of the Israelite’s slavery in Egypt, Pharaoh commanded that all baby boys be thrown into the Nile (Exodus 1:22)
4. The Euphrates River is the longest river of Western Asia, and is one of the two defining rivers of Mesopotamia. According to the Bible, the Euphrates was one of four rivers whose source was a river flowing from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:14).

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Date published: 14/02/2020
Feature image: Israel and South Africa Flag
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