Amazing Testimony Of A Saudi Arabian Muslim Convert To Christianity

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I was born in a Muslim family. It’s not only a Muslim Family actually a strong Muslim
family. I remember from the the six years old my childhood, My father took me to the
mosque at the other side of the street that we used to live, and introduce me to the Iman, the leader of the mosque. So I learn how to pray and how to fast, every step of rituals in Islamic faith, I tried to learn it daily. And I was so close to the Imam of that mosque that pretty soon I was appointed as the one who was standing next to him when he was doing prayer.

What’s going to happen the next step? Bow down, stand up and announce it through the loud speaker so the crowd behind him could follow him. I was reading Quaran and I was reading other books about Islamic faith, I always ask him the Imam, I was very close to him, and I said you know “I love to be with God forever” because I knew that is a dead after this temporary life, and I said, could you please let me know how much more I should pray and do fasting or anything because I want to know for sure when I die, I want to be with God,
and there was no answer for me , He Just stop me and I went home and asked my dad the
same question, if the Iman cannot answer me and if you are searching the true God why
he’s not encouraging me, What should I do.

Then you are allowed to follow the religion, that there’s no answer for me.

I got married and I had a wonderful child and at the age of 27yrs I went to Mecca and
I was praying in Mecca. Somebody tap by my shoulder and said “are you married”
I said why they said because your accent your pronunciation was not hundred percent
right in the Holy place of Imran and I have a recommendation from Allah to you and say
was is that, they said , you have to divorce your wife and i was shocked because I
said, I came here to follow God, to worship God and now and he was my life have to
divorce my wife, and I told them hey, there’s something wrong here. I’m not going to
stay anymore. So I left mecca and went back home and knocked at the door.

My wife’s in here. I said you need a religious man or a husband, I stopped. Stop that
that’s actually pretty soon and that car in the highway flew over a bridge eight times
when it’s upside down and when the people rush to our that while he’s returning with a
colleague wrote about, you know development goals, and I was paralyzed. Yes.

introduce me to his neighbour, which used to be a missionary to the country that I was
born and they came and visited me, they drove for maybe two hours for small City from
the place that I used to live and on the way. He asked me. Have you believe in Jesus
Christ? And I said stop, I recommend that you know, what? Stop it. He haid just tell
me who is Christ for you.

And I said he was a prophet because he died of God. It means you suck at playing God
for he was a know. He is the Son of God he died. But he rose again. He’s a right and I
said, would you please stop? I don’t want to come with you you . I said, I don’t make
him my God. I proclaimed God became as big lucious. And so finally he came into that
place and that was not a doctor that was a church and that church was showing that play
about the Life of Christ. And that was a turning point in my life because many people
that was like no knew that it is longer told you that Christ never died of the class so
you can get used to do that. But here at a Singapore Christ died on the cross for me
and the Lord brought me back to Mecca reminds me remember where they pull you go to
reserve a and here I am I left my glory in heaven became flesh.

Died on the cross for you. My heart is beating so much. I wanted to give my life right now the resurrection.

I was a big big change in void in my heart and the answer to my question. That was from
childhood. How much milk cream or how much do they do the best to each other right now
with the answer he gave his life for me. He paid the penalty at that not stop by the
witness of this man being stopped and took me to the church and the whatever to the
worship center the presence of the Lord just touch the surrounded me because the joy
and the things of the people was incredible shouldn’t happen to me welcoming me and I
never forgot any time. I went to Mars even the leader of the mosque. I was so
respectful to him. He will answer me right now. If you who doesn’t know me, they
welcomed me DP and a lady in front of me asked me if you have a nice and where are you
from and the more he said she said you have an accent I was thinking oh and another
problem may be

What should I do with my life this time? So on the way back, I saw the Bible in my own language and I took it I would say to read it and then a week later the pastor came to our home and start to talk about the Bible and the side to explain about the Bible is the word of God and he explained, you know, we all have sinned and show far short of the glory of God and we need to repent and then he explained to me that Christ is the answer to our sin. He died for us on the cross. So if you have any question about the salvation, that’s what the basic stuff of that. You have to believe in your heart that Christ died on the cross for you and buried and rose again on the third day from that moment. All of your sins have been forgiven and my dad was sitting there and those family they took me there and I suppose so I have a question and the moment that they are Muslim and I ask a pastor a church and Christian then type. Oh, wow, they’re big problem. They’re going to ask you about the Trinity and the Son of God as a passer really?

I want you to That you had at that passion. I don’t want to make another billion for you because you were C and now I want to confess the same thing. So that night was the first night after years of suffering of pain. I went to see one hour continuously has other nights. I had to wake up every other always ask for her to change my position. That was the reason really changed my life and every surgery the Bible and all the answers right there the comacchio. Hey if we can’t jump, especially the Book of John in the beginning was the word.

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