Thursday, December 12, 2019

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True Baptism in the Bible

Were you baptized? How were you baptized? Different churches have different ways of baptizing, but are they following what’s written in the Bible? Should a church baptize a person simply because he wants to be baptized? And do all baptisms count?  These days, when people hear the word baptism, they might think of babies being […]


ECG Thembisa homecell celebrates their “Day of Giving” at the Thembisa Intergrated Community Care Centre.

By Chriselda Mashaba The Thembisa Central Homecell Led by Apostle Eric is in Thembisa today, giving food parcels to HIV orphaned children and to 20 random disadvantaged families in the township. “We wanted to go beyond preaching on the pulpit and preaching to the community by putting to practice what we preach”, said the Apostle. […]

Levites host a successful 3 day conference

By Chriselda Mashaba Pretoria–The Annual Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Levites conference took place at Pretoria Show Grounds from Thursday to Saturday, attracting 25 branches in South Africa as well as countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Brother Danny Genge, the tribe’s leader told this publication that the purpose of the conference was to […]


Nine Christians Murdered in Kenya For Not Reciting Islamic Shahada Prayer

11 non-local Christian passengers were recently attacked while travelling to Mandera from Nairobi and killed at Kotulo in northeastern Kenya. They were reportedly separated from their Muslim counterparts and killed for failing to recite the Islamic Shahada. Confirming the incident which occurred on December 6, 2019, a Kenyan police officer told International Christian Concern, “A […]

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Official biography of Prophet Joseph PJ1Touch: A Prophet of a New Generation

Summary Prophet Joseph PJ1 Touch is the leader and Founder of God In You Ministries (Sandton, South Africa)  and Life in Christ Ministries ZOE (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania). He is highly gifted in the area of Divine healing, the Prophetic and prosperity. The man of God is known for teaching about divine health and divine wealth. He […]

Footballer fishes men for Christ.

Africa’s promising young talent and Levante striker Raphael Dwamena has been preaching religion to the socially excluded children in Valencia. The 23-year-old has been preaching Christ to kids for more than two months in an outreach programme. The Ghana international is part of the Evangelical outreach, dedicating his time to teach young kids about Jesus […]

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